I have just a few hours now to say something meaningful about 2012. I’ve been trying to think of a way to approach the topic, to write something sweet, heartfelt but not saccharine. Or to say something momentous in just a few words.

That’s not going to happen so let me give a big thank you to all who’ve inspired me this year. To those new virtual colleagues whose writing, cooking, baking, stitching and artistic turns have given me ideas, encouraged me to keep creating and to try new things. To my old friends and to my family, too, whose continual support I sometimes fail to acknowledge.


Thanks to all of you I have self-published a book of my short stories this year.


Here’s a link to the site:


I know I have a lot more to learn about self-publishing and especially about promoting myself and I will get there.


Also, thanks to all of you, I’ve enrolled in a graduate program in English and Creative Writing. My first class starts just days from now and I’m very excited. More on that in the future.


The vast community of creative people online has become a ready source of inspiration for me. I hope this year I have inspired someone too.


Wishing everyone a happy, a healthy and creative new year. All the best for 2013!